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At roughly 15 miles long and 5 miles across at its widest, Sanibel Island’s small size belies its rich and intriguing history, abundant flora & fauna, plentiful stretches of exquisite beaches, and the depth of the culture & hospitality of its residents.
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Sanibel Island Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Condo Rentals, Cottages and Inns

Sanibel Island has large inventory of beachfront and waterfront hotels and resorts, motels, condos, small inns and cottages, bed and breakfasts, as well as privately-owned homes. Some of the accommodations are pet-friendly. Come visit us and have fun and an unforgettable vacation. You will not be able to wait to come back to Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Island offers all of the modern conveniences that most vacationers have come to expect, but has tempered its growth by clearly placing quality offerings above quantity. Regulations limiting the height of buildings, (including hotels, resorts, and condos) to be no taller than the tallest tree (approximately 3 stories) allows for beautiful views and a naturally secluded feeling. Guests of the island can expect a comfortable stay at any of the island’s hotels, inns or guest cottages, and a memorable dining experience at any of its excellent Sanibel Island restaurants.

Things To Do on Sanibel Island

Sanibel offers plenty of activities and diversions off the beach as well as on. Nature tours, bike and Segway rentals, golfing, tennis, cinema and even an old schoolhouse theater are available for your entertainment. Shopping is also a fabulous experience here. No massive conglomerate malls here – just plenty of unique and beautiful shops and galleries to ensure that your finds will be truly meaningful reminders of your stay.

Everyone and everything on Sanibel Island is a welcoming reminder of just how serene, relaxing and satisfying that existing in harmony with nature can be. The carefully maintained heritage and constant respectful stewardship of this island make it a true jewel that you must experience and enjoy for yourself.

Sanibel Island – Shelling, Boating, Kayaking and Diving

Sanibel has 15 miles of beaches that are world renown for their pristine sands and abundant shells. Due to the island’s east-west orientation, Sanibel Island is the perfect sift for the Gulf tides and over 250 types of shells. Breathtaking sunsets and playful dolphins contribute to the excitement of boating tours, and the beautiful waters of the island offer some of the finest fishing in the world. Other active ways of appreciating the plant, wildlife, and fish are to go biking, paddleboarding or kayaking. While there are no coral reefs, plenty of marine life makes their home in the numerous artificial reefs and wrecks. As a result, diving these offshore installations is also an enchanting and enriching experience.

Sanibel Island - History

The name “Sanibel” stems from “Santa Isybella” the name given the island by Ponce de Leon (after the Spanish Queen Isabella) when he was believed to have been its discoverer in 1513. During the years following the original Calusa Indian population and apart from pirates, Sanibel remained largely unsettled until it was secured in the latter half of the 19th century. On August 20, 1884, the Sanibel Lighthouse was lit, and it remains both an iconic landmark and a working lighthouse to this day.

Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial cartoonist Jay Norwood “Ding” Darling first visited Sanibel in 1935. He was an avid conservationist and instrumental in the effort to preserve more than 6,400 acres of environmentally valuable land from developers on Sanibel Island. At Darling's urging, President Harry S. Truman signed an Executive Order creating the Sanibel National Wildlife Refuge in 1945 and in 1967, it was renamed the J.N. “Ding” Darling National Wildlife Refuge in his honor. Its protected status helps to ensure that Sanibel Island remains the home of 230 species of birds, 50 species of fish, and over 30 types of mammals.

Sanibel Island residents place a high value on the unspoiled beauty of their home. Until the completion of the Sanibel Causeway in 1963 the island had only been accessible by boat or ferry. The justifiable concern of Sanibel Island residents for maintaining the island’s heritage and preserving its natural beauty, catalyzed the formation of Sanibel’s own city government. Development has been prudently controlled, and while there are ample ways of getting around by car, Sanibel has 22 miles of beautiful bike paths and 0 traffic lights.

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